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云开体育app官方网站:中国建大型望远镜寻找外星人 重置近万居民

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本文摘要:BEIJING — More than 9,000 Chinese villagers are leaving their homes to make way for aliens.北京——逾9000名中国村民离开了家乡,为外星人停下来。

BEIJING — More than 9,000 Chinese villagers are leaving their homes to make way for aliens.北京——逾9000名中国村民离开了家乡,为外星人停下来。It is not a colonization plan from outer space. The Chinese government is relocating thousands of villagers to complete construction by September of the world’s biggest radio telescope, whose intended purpose is to detect signs of extraterrestrial life.这不是外太空的殖民计划。中国政府计划在9月前新的移往数千名村民,以竣工世界仅次于的射电望远镜,观测地外生命的迹象。

The telescope would be 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, in diameter, by far the largest of its kind in the world. It is called FAST, for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, and costs an estimated 1.2 billion renminbi, or $184 million.该望远镜口径将超过500米,是全世界此类望远镜中仅次于的。它被称作五百米口径球面射电望远镜(FAST),耗资大约为12亿元人民币。

The mass relocation was announced on Tuesday in a report by Xinhua, the state news agency. The report said officials were relocating 2,029 families, a total of 9,110 people, living within a three-mile radius of the telescope in the area of Pingtang and Luodian Counties in the southwestern province of Guizhou.官方媒体新华社于周二发布了这个大规模迁往计划。报导称之为,官员们将新的移往项目周边5公里内核心区——中国西南部贵州省平塘县和罗甸县——共2029户、9110人。Officials plan to give each person the equivalent of $1,800 for housing compensation, the report said. Guizhou is one of China’s poorest provinces.报导称之为,官员们计划按照每人1.2万元标准展开补助金。贵州是中国最贫困的省份之一。

Forced relocations for infrastructure projects are common across China, and the people being moved by officials often complain both of the eviction from their homes and inadequate compensation. The Three Gorges Dam displaced more than one million people along the Yangtze River, and the middle route of the gargantuan South-North Water Diversion Project has resulted in the relocation of 350,000 people to make way for a series of canals.为基础设施项目而强制迁入的作法在中国各地很广泛,不得不迁往的人常常责怪称之为自己被逐出家园,同时没取得充足多的补助金。三峡大坝项目导致长江沿岸100多万人迁入,可观的南水北调中线工程造成35万人迁往,为一系列水道停下来。The Chinese government has announced ambitious plans for its space program, at a time when the American one is in retreat. China aims to put an astronaut on the moon and a space station in orbit. The FAST project is another important element in the larger plan.中国政府宣告了可观的太空计划,而此时美国的太空计划正在膨胀。中国计划将宇航员送来上月球,并打造出在轨运营的空间站。

FAST项目是这个大规模计划的最重要组成部分。The telescope is being built in a wide depression among karst hills. The depression is far from cities and ideal for picking up radio transmissions, the Xinhua report said. Scientists began looking for a site in 1994 and finally settled on the Dawodang depression.该望远镜选址于岩溶山区的一片宽广的洼地。

新华社报导称之为,这片洼地靠近城市,不利于无线电信号的接管。科学家从1994年开始选址,最后指定大窝凼洼地。If the truth is out there, then some Chinese scientists are confident that the giant telescope will find it. The current largest operational radio telescope is the 300-meter-diameter Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, but FAST in Guizhou will far surpass that.如果知道不存在地外生命,一些中国科学家坚信这座大型望远镜将不会寻找它。目前运营的仅次于射电望远镜在波多黎各阿雷西博天文台(Arecibo Observatory),直径为300米,贵州的FAST将相比之下多达它。

Li Di, a chief scientist with the National Astronomical Observatories under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told China Daily last year that “with a larger signal receiving area and more flexibility, FAST will be able to scan two times more sky area than Arecibo, with three to five times higher sensitivity.”中国科学院国家天文台首席科学家李菂去年拒绝接受《中国日报》专访时回应,“FAST享有较小的信号接管区,极具灵活性,探查的天空面积是阿雷西博的两倍多,精确度是它的三到五倍”。Last November, scientists successfully tested the telescope’s “retina,” which weighs 33 tons and is suspended 460 to 525 feet above the reflector dish, which was half-finished at the time, China Daily reported.《中国日报》报导称之为,去年11月,科学家们顺利测试了该望远镜的“视网膜”,这一部分重达33吨,漂浮在反射器上方140米至160米处,当时还是半成品。The telescope has 4,500 panels that are mostly triangular and whose sides measure 36 feet, the report said. Those create a parabolic shape. The panels move and, by doing so, alter the shape of the antenna, which is supposed to pick up radio signals from distant corners of the universe. Those signals would then be reflected to a focal point.报导称该望远镜共计4500块面板,其中大部分是三角形,其边长大约为11米。

它们不会构成一个抛物面。这些面板通过移动转变天线的形状,天线不会拒绝接受来自宇宙偏僻角落的无线电信号。然后信号不会光线到一个焦点。Mr. Li told China Daily that engineers were aiming to install all the panels by this June and complete debugging by September.李菂告诉他《中国日报》,工程师计划在今年6月前装完所有光线面板,9月底前已完成所有调试工作。

“Ultimately, exploring the unknown is the nature of mankind,” he said, adding that it was “as visceral as feeding and clothing ourselves.”“归根结底,探寻不得而知是人类的本性,”他说道,“就像睡觉穿衣一样大自然”。“It drives us to a greater future,” he said.他说道,“它将率领我们转入更加辽阔的未来。





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